Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 11.12.2017

Hop crop was lower than last year, despite that it is above average

A hop crop is lower roughly by 12 per cents this year in comparison with the last year, despite that growers are satisfied. The harvest over the whole Czech Republic was 6797 tonnes of hop with an average yield per hectare 1.37 tonnes which can be evaluated as slightly above-average year.

National championship of breed BB at exhibition Gribex

A traditional national championship of breed Belgian Blue-White took place in Belgian city within the exhibition Agribex on Wednesday 6th December. Almost 200 top animals of this breed were presented there. Most of them was of meat production type, however, also representatives of combined line compete there. From them the meat type was bred gradually 40 years ago.

There is interest in fish before Christmas, although consumption stagnates

Traders have the highest fish sales annually before Christmas. Although consumption in the CR stagnates in the long term. Last year´s 5.1 kg per head has been the lowest since 1995, data of the Czech Statistical Office states. Last year´s consumption fish decreased year-on-yearly by 7.5 per cents.

French bakery network Paul opened 18 bakeries in Czech Republic in nine years of operation

French bakery network Paul operates 1694 baker´s in 42 countries. The chain managed by the fifth generation of the founder´s descendants has more than 128-year tradition. And just the traditional French baked goods have been sold already for nine years also in the Czech market. Actually, the baker´s Paul operates eighteen shops in Prague.







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