Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 12.12.2017

Region Karlovy Vary will divide 1.4 million crowns to bee-keepers next year

The region Karlovy Vary will divide 1.4 million crowns of subsidies for bee-keepers in 2018. Applications will be submitted in electronic way. The region wants to spare bee-keepers waiting in queue in the regional office like till this time. The interested people will be able to ask for the contribution in February next year.

Escargots find ready market, paste is made from them on escargot farm

Let buy small escargots, give them in the garden, collect them in the autumn and sell them in buy-out for good money. Little work, guaranteed profit, some people insist on several years ago. “It doesn´t work this way, of course”, Jiří Szotkowski from Šnečí farma Vlkoš says about escargot raising.

More than 200 state want to reduce pollution of oceans with plastics

An intention to reduce pollution of oceans with plastics was expressed more than 200 states in Kenya Nairobi on Wednesday. Their representatives signed legally non-binding resolution at a meeting organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Inflation slowed down in November. Mainly rise price of food calmed

Consumer process increased by 2.6 per cents year-on-yearly in November. Against October when inflation reached 2.9 per cents it is dealt with slowing down. According to statisticians, the development is influenced above all by a significant slowdown of food price growth and non-alcoholic beverages.


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