Summary of newspapers of the previous day - 13. 12. 2017

Jurečka warned that African swine fever spreads on in Europe

Infection of African swine fever spreads in Poland, in Ukraine it is several tens of kilometres from Slovakian border. A Czech participant of today´s meeting of ministers of agriculture from EU countries in Brussels Marian Jurečka drew attention to this.

Prices of eggs grew in astronomic way. Owing to killing of farm birds due to fipronil

Prices of eggs grew in rocket speed. This food raised in price by 60 per cents in November against the last year, only between October and November it then increased by 37.8 per cents, the Czech Statistical Office (CzSO) stated in the week. According to experts addressed by Novinky the rise in price is caused by summer fipronil affair and subsequent killing of laying hens

Test with fertilization of small Douglas firs proved favourable effects

Although Central-Bohemian forests are not an original home of Douglas fir, this strong coniferous tree finds gradually its place also in the CR. For foresters it can symbolize a hope that it will replace partially a resistant common spruce, in spite of it non-originality in Europe.

European Commission prolonged licence of pesticide glyphosate by five years

The European Commission prolonged licence for use of controversial pesticide glyphosate by five years. It did it three days before expiration of the present permission, after an agreement of representatives of EU member states from the end of November.


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