Summary of newspapers of the previous day - 14. 12. 2017

Inspection revealed cases of adulteration of cask wine with illegal synthetic aromatic substances

The State Agricultural and Food Inspection (SZPI) carried out a spot check of cask wines sold mainly in wine shops in last month this year. It focused on an analysis of content of illegal synthetic aromatic substances in wine.

European Parliament supported use of phosphates in kebab

The European Parliament didn´t approved an objection against use of phosphates in kebabs today which the European Commission (EC) suggest to permit. Producers of this meat food gain an agreement of Euro MPs so that they could add substances in meat which reputedly improves its taste.

Richard Brabec stays in function of Minister of Environment. President Miloš Zeman established him in Prague Castle today

The ministry of Environment will be headed also in a new government of the Czech Republic by the present Minister of Environment Richard Brabec. Today afternoon, together with other members of cabinet of the premier Andrej Babiš, in which he discharge a function of the 1st vice-chairman, took a vow in the Throne Hall of Prague Castle.

Tax on meat and sugar? After carbon polluters it is turn of sweet teeth and carnivores

Meat could meet the same fate as tobacco, carbon, and sugar – it can become a commodity which is taxed as socially dangerous. According to an analysis FAIRR (Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return), meat has a negative influence on climatic changes and human health.


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