Summary of newspapers of the previous days - 15. – 17.12. 2017

Test of Czech Christmas baked goods: bakers save butter, goods is dry, polystyrene

Do you know what difference is between Czech and French Christmas cake? Czech ones take butter a detour. Differences in preparations of X-mas baked goods was shown in Test MF DNES. While the French knead the Christmas cake from half a kilo of butter and also the Germans don´t save fat for their stolen. However, sweet baked goods from Czech shops is rather light.

Committee supported budget of SZIF, it will have 34.6 milliard crowns

The parliamentary Agricultural Committee recommended to the Chamber of Deputies to approve a budget of the State Agricultural Intervention Fund (SZIF) without objections for the next year. The fund will have 34.6 milliard crowns for expenses which is by 3.4 milliard crown less against this year.

Hamé processes cabbage in Kunovice traditionally, so by treading

A food company Hamé in its Kunovice enterprise processes cabbage in a traditional way, so by treading. This year´s season started in a half of September similarly as in foregoing years. Hamé in Kunovice processes over 1000 tonnes of sauerkraut annually.

Lidl sells same goods in our country for higher prices than in Germany, Poles complain in Brussels. Also Czech pay more

Trade chain Lidl sells foods in Poland for higher prices than in Germany. Therefore, a Euro MP Kosma Złotowski addressed the European Commission in order to solve the situation. According to the Food Chamber of the CR it is dealt with a common practice also in the Czech Republic





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