Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 18.12.2017

Survey: Third of people doesn´t buy Christmas tree at all

A third of people doesn´t buy a Christmas tree at all. On the contrary, 75 per cents of Czech households bake sweets for the holiday. Only three per cents of the Czechs doesn´t eat sweets at all. However, for example, as many as 30 per cents of people buy Christmas cake in a shop and 19 per cents get it from relatives. It resulted from a survey of a chain Tesco.

People in Cuenca in Ecuador drink Czech beer. Pub and brewery was established here by entrepreneur from Kutná Hora

Martin Smetáček started in Cuenca in Ecuador as a trainee in the council house. For years ago, he established a firm, which was about to ensure an import of Czech know-how and technologies in the country, with his friends from Kutná Hora from where he comes from. However, instead of hydroelectric power plants they ended at beer. Now, they evidence to Ecuadorians from Cuenca why the Czech Republic is a beer great power.

Christmas fish doesn´t have to be only carp. There is interest in grass carps, pikes, and catfish

Chrismas comes. A sale of fish has already started. According to sellers and fishermen themselves the interest in them is higher than usually. A worse production against last years is reported by fishermen from lower situated areas. According to possibilities, together with interested people in fish also checkers of the Czech Trade Inspection (ČOI) appeared at fish sellers.

Billa will open 12 new shops next year in Czech Republic

Supermarkets Billa invested almost a half milliard crowns in enlargement of the networks and modernization of shops in the Czech Republic. The chain store opened nine shops and ten were modernized. Billa would like to open 12 new shops next year. The firm stated it in a press release today.


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