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Wine to carp with potato salad? Reach for the most dry

It is question which repeats annually. What to drink at Christmas Eve dinner. Beer, which goes well with fried carp, is not successfully festive, so many people reach rather for wine. And what about other feast days? According to sommeliers there are only few people who choose the right wine to typically heavy food

Christmas present: Europe would like to higher recycling of waste. Will it be binding also for Czech Republic?

Representatives of the European Parliament, the European Union Council, and the European Union (European Trialogue) agreed preliminary on a wording of a Parcel for Circulatory Economy – a progressive change of six waste directives of the European Union. The recycling of municipal waste should have been increased obligatorily by 2035.

Don´t give back liberty to carps

Christmas mood in many people evokes a desire to bring back life to Christmas carp and instead of on a roasting pan to carry it to a river or pond and release him to freedom. However, carp will not enjoy the newly gain liberty for long. Owing to enfeeblement and consumption of reserve substances in stay in fish storages a carp doesn´t have enough power for survival of winter.

Soup producer Campbell will buy Snyder´s-Lance for 4.87 mlde USD

American soup producer Campbell Soup will buy a producer of light refreshment Snyder's-Lance for 4.87 milliards USD (106 milliards CZK). The firm strengthens in an area of offer of light refreshments like potato crisps and popcorn at time when the soup sale decreases, the agency Reuters writes.


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