Summary of newspapers of the previous day - 21. 12. 2017

Czech Republic ranks to countries with lowest number of registered glyphosate preparations in EU

Preparations for plant protection on base of glyphosate is allowed to be used within the European Union for next 5 years. An order of European Commission, which sets this fact, is published actually in EU Official Bulletin.

Scientists investigated whether wells can endanger reserves of underground water in bottomland forests

Bottomland forests are a significant part of our landscape. Most of them is situated in an area of confluence of two rivers Morava and Dyje, in Litovelské Pomoraví, in alluvium of the rivers Labe and Odra. Unfortunately, they are still overpowered by strong interventions of the man. Among others, it is dealt with drawing of underground water of which bottomland forests are an important reservoir.

Chamber of Parliament passed budget of Agricultural Land Fund

The Chamber of Parliament púassed a budget of the State Agricultural Intervention Fund (SZIF) for the next year. The Fund will have 34.6 milliard crown for expenses which is by about 3.4 milliard crowns less against this year. The reason is a lower subsidy from the Ministry of Agriculture. Apart from others, SZIF mediates financial support from the European Union for farmers.

RSA expects lowest wine harvest since 2005 owing to drought

The next year, a wine harvest in the Republic of South Africa could be the lowest over the ten years. The reasons are droughts and frosts and in some areas lower outplanting. According to estimations of viticultural organization VinPro, the crop will be the lowest since 2005 when it amounts to 1 156 631 tonnes. RSA is the seventh biggest wine producer in the world.


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