Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 28.12.2017

Research: As 70 pct of weight of waste bin in office buildings is bio-waste

Separation of bio-waste in administrative buildings can decrease total weight of thrown out communal waste by as much as 70 per cents. A research of pedagogues and students of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering of VŠB – Technical University Ostrava.

Inflation bit in sirloin, its price have raised in restaurants during years

Prices in the Czech Republic grew in two-per cent pace last year; in foregoing years the pace was slower. Despite this fact, in a longer time horizon it comes to the fore that many services and goods raised in price much more significantly.

AFP: German marzipan copes with cost growth

None in Germany can imagine Christmas holiday without marzipan, a matter composed of sugar, egg white and grounded almonds. Its beginnings originate from the Middle Ages. However, this tradition is shaken by a price growth which leads confectioners to start with innovations. An agency AFP write.

How to survive New Year´s Eve: carry furry pets somewhere quiet

Who ever saw a dog frightened to death by firecrackers and maroons, knows that the New Year´s Eve is not only cheerful welcoming of the New Year, but also a dread and horror for dumb creatures. A simple advice of veterinarians, how to survive the New Year´s Eve, is to leave with the home pet somewhere quiet.







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