Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 29.12.2017 – 1.1.2018

Liberec region will pay other 16 000 CZK for sheep killed by wolves

Other 16 000 crowns will be paid off by Liberec region to a breeder in Česká Lípa area for sheep torn by wolves. A farmer in Provodín lost three adult sheep and a lamb in a close premises in half of September. It is not for the first time this year, the region compensated breeders in Frýdlant area already in August.

Consumption of sparkling wines grows in Czech Republic in long term

A consumption of sparkling wines in the Czech Republic grows in the long term, the Czechs drink approximately two bottles per a person yearly. A production of sparkling wines is an imaginary top of wine-growers art, therefore still more and more vine-growers rank sparkling wines in their offer, even if from a view point of the sale it is dealt rather with a margin area.

Testing of wild pigs for pseudorabies will end at end of year

A monitoring of occurrence of so called Aujeszsky disease, in other words pseudorabies, in shot wild pigs will end on the last day of this year.  The state will not pay off 1000 crowns for shot animal, from which samples for examination of this disease were sent, to huntsmen from the New Year.

Czech are indulging themselves at Christmas time, however, much food and drinks end in waste

The Czechs want to enjoy yuletide Tables often literally bend under food and drinks. People don´t regret money spent for various kinds of delicatessen goods and luxury treats. They are not indulging them commonly during a year.






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