Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 4.1. 2018

Thanks to ducks vine-growers save for pesticides against slugs

Twice a day, more than thousand-head flock of Indian Runner Duck runs to vineyard Vergenoegd in South-African vine-growing area Stellenbosch to relieve grape vine of a flood of thousands of small white slugs. They love the grapes and are able to let blood properly the local crop.

Subsidies should go to small farmers, president candidates say

Agricultural subsidies should aim rather at small and medium farmers, therefore it should be set the maximum height of subsidy. Most of seven president candidates agreed on in in today´s debate in Radonice near Prague organized by the Association of Private Farming in CR.

African swine fever spread out of bordered zone in Zlín region

The State Veterinary Administration registers the first cases of proven infection with African swine fever outside fences in a red area of contaminated area in Zlín region. Still at the end of December, the disease was confirmed in six wild pigs found at a municipality Lípa and today, in a hogget found near Kudlov.

Finnish bakery, as first in world, put bread from crushed crickets into sale

In recent years, consumers like to experiment and discover new tastes and uncommon foods. Nor insects is an exception which will become a dominant food of the future according to food experts. A Finnish bakery caught this experimental trend and baked the first bread from crushed crickets. Would you taste it?





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