Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 5.-7.1.2018

Brewery Svijany increase astronomically production even in difficult conditions last year

The brewery Svijany did very well even in twentieth year of its existence itself. In total it brew roughly by two per cents more beer than in 2016 and with more than 638 thousand hectolitres it scored other historical record. Anniversary of twenty years of autonomous existence they will recall in April this year.

Christmas trees belong neither in rubbish bins nor containers

Christmas trees belong neither in rubbish bins nor in containers. It is suitable to put off de-decorated trees freely next to publicly accessible containers for mixed waste or for separated waste. A spokesman of Prague Services Radim Mana stated it.

Preparation which can prolong fruit and vegetable shelf-life up to five times has been thought up

Californian start-up Apeel Sciences prepared a solution for prolongation of fruit and vegetable shelf-live from the moment of harvest. In practice it can mean not only than less food would rot during a way from a field to a consumer, but also that it will not be necessary to harvest unripe fruit which will “ripe” during the way.

Prazdroj enlarges Pilsner Urquell beer production for 280 mil. CZK

Pilsner Urquell started to install the first three of ten new cylindrical-conical tanks for beer production. The work for enlargement of brewing house will end in May.


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