Summary of newspapers of the previous day - 8. 1. 2018

Meat consumption in USA will increase, in Europe on contrary

Americans are afraid that they will consume a record amount of meat this year. More specifically, presumptions speak about that an average American eats 222.2 pounds (100.8 kg) of red meat and poultry in this year.

Bananas with edible peel were grown in Japan

A special kind of banana, named Mongee, which means in the local slang unbelievable, was successfully bred on a farm D&T in Japan prefecture Okojama. Against tropical kinds this is smaller, considerably sweeter, and mainly – edible whole. Breeders used a technology in which imitate conditions from the end of the Ice Age.

Two newly protected natural areas will be in Karlovy Vary now

Two newly protected natural areas will be in Karlovy Vary now. A title of European significant locality will be granted to Jezerský vrch at Podštěly near Chyše in the region Karlovy Vary, and Tisovec at Kraslice in Sokolov region. The reason for protection is occurrence of valuable species, vice-hetman Martin Hurajčík told.

Veterinarians: Zlín region will have to make a pig inventory and call back police hunters

Veterinarians will order an inventory of all backyard pig holdings in Zlín region. They will demand so that small-scale raisers would stop this activity if possible. In small-scale pig raisings it is necessary to register pig from two animals. If raisers have not registered pigs before, most likely the veterinarians will order a slaughter.



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