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Farmers signed collective contract, tariffs will rise by 6.1 pct

The Agricultural Union of the CR and the Czech-Moravian Union of Agricultural Entrepreneurs signed a collective contract with agricultural trade unions for the next year today. A minimal wage tariffs will increase in agriculture by 6.1 per cents, also an employer´s contribution to pension insurance will be higher.

Minister of Agriculture Jiří Milek: I will try to maintain strong budget of Czech agriculture together with amount of national supports

Jiří Milek assumed a function of the Minister of Agriculture. It happened in presence of the premier Andrej Babiš after he took over a letter of appointment from the president Miloš Zeman on Wednesday the 13th December.

Salting increases safety on roads but also harms environment. There are alternatives

With area spraying of salt on frozen surfaced of transport communications in the North America started eighty years ago. Many years later an idea started to be asserted that the salt washed from roads could also harm the environment.

EU wants to sanction Russia owing to ban of import of pig meat

The European Union will ask the World Trade Organization (WTO) for approval of sanction which it would like to impose on Russia. According to Brussels, Moscow hasn´t met a decree of the WTO concerning a ban of import of pigs and pig meat. The agency Reuters informed about it today. The EU will submit the application on the 3rd January thorough which a next round of dispute dragging on since 2014 will start.


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