Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 10.1. 2018

Insurance companies: Wind storm harmed more last year, on the contrary there were less hail storms

Natural elements caused twice more damages to clients of Czech insurance companies last year than in 2016; an implementation level was higher only slightly. Generally, there were tens of thousands damages in order of milliards crowns. The year 2017 was affected mainly by a wind storm.

Weather is favourable for mushrooms, there are many oyster mushroom and Jew´s-year

The nature reacts to winter non-winter when temperature records fell repeatedly in last weeks. Some trees start to bud and songbirds and some other kinds of birds are more active. However, the nature is the most favourable to mushrooms.

No more killing of animals. Israeli sturtup obtained millions of dollars for production of “net Meat” directly in laboratory

Israeli startup SuperMeat tries to grow chicken meat in laboratory conditions without killing the only hen. The mentioned company announced at the beginning of this year that it had been successful in gaining investment capital which it is going to use for growing of meat in laboratory conditions.

China prepares commission for Areva as well as import of French beef meat

French firm Areva will gain a commission for building of factory for processing of used nuclear fuel in China and Peking promised to cancel an embargo on import of French beef meat. An agency AFP informed on it in the framework of reporting about a visit of French president Emmanuel Macron in China today.


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