Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 12.1. – 14.1.2018

SLO reacts to growing interest of restituents in replacement parcels

The State Land Office (SLO) announces the first this year´s public land offer for restituents. Entitled persons can choose from 539 parcels with the total acreage 574 hectares which are situated on the entire territory of the republic.

Government bound to solve crisis in forests. However, it has to enforce concrete solution

On Monday approved programme declaration of Andrej Babiš´s government defines plan for sanitation of Czech forest against the original plan. Forests fades fast mainly due to long-term wasteful management and climatic changes. There are already 75 % ill spruces and 42 % broad-leaved trees.

Independent: Absolute ban of plastic bags will come in force in Montreal

On the 1st January, a ban which forbids distribution of plastic bags in shop for free became applicable in the Czech Republic. The second largest Canadian town from a province Québec has gone even further. After the International Environment Day on the 5th June traders will be fined for any provision of bags.

Fruits and vegetable raised in price, alcohol decreased. There is highest inflation in five years

Last year´s consumer prices increased by 2.5 per cents which is the biggest inflation in the last 5 years. The biggest credit of it belongs to growing prices of fruit and vegetable, however, also decrease in alcohol price before Christmas. The crown exchange rate does not react in fact and stays still on the same level.






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