Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 16.1.2018

Analysis made by SZPI proved forbidden pesticide propargite in apples from Poland

In the framework of continuous check of extraneous substances in foods the State Agricultural Food Inspection (SZPI) found out an occurrence of forbidden pesticide propargite in a charge of red apples Gloster; the country of origin: Poland. An analysis of SZPI laboratory confirmed a contamination with propargite in a concentration 0.043 mg/kg.

From cute foals beautiful stallions – first Czech wild horses from Exmoor set off to protect East-Bohemian reservations

The first transport of ten male horses, which were born in Central-Bohemian Milovice in 2016, will leave the reservation of wild horses already in several days. Their destinations are naturally unique East-Bohemian localities – a natural monument Na Plachtě in Hradec Králové, and Bird park Josefovské meadows near Jaroměř.

Prazdroj is brewed only in Pilsen from the New Year. Japanese backed out from Russia

Plzeňský Prazdroj terminated a licence production in Russian Kaluga after ten years. Russia was the second and now the last destination where Pilsner lager was produced on base of a licence for the local market, Lidové noviny wrote. So, every bottle of the mark Pilsner Urquell sold home and in the world originate from Pilsen from this January.

Result of foreign agrarian balance will be much worse that agricultural union supposed

The last year balance of agrarian foreign trade worsened again. From a result from January to November 2017 it follows that the agrarian negative balance reached -27.2 mld. CZK, it is by 7.5 mld higher than it was in the same period the foregoing year.


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