Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 17.1.2018

CR will not join legal action against pollution, government decided

The Czech Republic will not join a legal action against air pollution limits approved by the European Union last year. The government decided this was at today´s meeting and the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) communicated it to ČTK. The office argued that it seems to be suitable to join the action as an accessory participant on the Polish side.

Coffee export from Brazil was lowest since 2012 last year

Coffee export from Brazil decreased by ten per cents last year and was the lowest since 2012. It was due to a lower crop. However, this year, the export should revive again, an association of coffee exporters Cecafé stated today. Brazil is the biggest coffee grower in the world.

Euro-commission wants only recyclable plastic in EU by 2030

By 2030, all plastic materials should have been recyclable in the European Union, the European Commission suggests. In its today-introduced strategy concerning plastics also a significant reduction of use of plastic determined for single use and a ban of purposeful use of micro-plastic is proposed.

Sheep don´t graze meadows only in mountains, but also in Prague. Pasturage is Czech rarity, agriculturist says

Antonín Zeman dot to pasturage more or less by chance. This year it will be already for ten years when he scatters his herd on Prague meadows. In an interview for Aktuálně.cz he talk also about practicing of agriculture in Prague.


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