Summary of newspapers of the previous day - 18. 1. 2018

Lesy ČR want to attract people in branch, apprentices will get scholarships

The state enterprise Lesy České republiky want to solve a deficit of employees in forestry by provision of merit scholarships to students of forestry apprentice training centres. The stipendium 1500 crowns per a month should motivate students to gaining education in forestry branch. A spokeswoman of LČR Eva Jouklová said it to ČTK today.

Number of inspections of Christmas carp sales increased last year, there were less faults

The State Veterinary Administration checked same as annually street sellers of Christmas carps all over the Czech Republic at the end of last year. 900 sale places have passed the check which represents roughly by 200 more against the year ago. A certain failures were found out in 2.4 % cases. In comparison with 2016 it means a slight improvement.

Chains stores carries out money from the Czech Republic. I will change it, new Minister of Agriculture says

A new Minister of Agriculture Jiří Milek wants an amendment on a significant market power. At the same time he wants to focus on European subsidies – in his opinion, Czech farmer should have the same money as one from Western Europe. Milek also considers that the law should also impose a minimum period for which it is possible to rent land.

Old trees disappear from Moravian Amazonia and natural diversity of our country together with them

Geographer from Ostrava and scientists from České Budějovice jouned their powers in order to trace up how biologically rich floodplain forests of Moravian Amazonia changed in the last century. They found out that the most valuable old trees, on which hundreds species of endangered animals live, are just remains of former thin forests.



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