Summary of newspapers of the previous day - 22. 1. 2018

Demand of pike hatchery in Tábor grows

A pike hatchery Esox in Tábor recorded a higher interest in processed fresh fish in the Czech Republic as well as abroad last year. A majority of turnover, about 1000 tonnes of fish, was exported; year on yearly it was more expensive by five per cents. The hatchery raising fresh-water fish of all kinds invests 11 million crowns in water supply and transport of live fish in Tábor this year.

Bio-fuels from palm oil in EU end. EMPs set ceilings also for rape and maize

Each EU member country will have a ceiling for bio-fuels produced from foods crops – for example maize or oil seed rape. The proposal has been approved by EMPs; it will be discussed also by member states now.

New power station will produce net energy from cow manure

Japan car producer Toyota is going to build a power station in California in which gaseous methane from cow manure will be transformed into water, electricity, and hydrogen. So called Tri-Gen Project was introduced at a showroom in Los Angeles.

Great Britain exported half million tonnes of waste yearly in China. However, the business´s over

Great Britain will have probably huge problems with waste storage in following months. It has exported most of its waste in China, every year about 500 thousand tonnes of plastic. However, this business over. In the framework of industrial modernisation, Chinese government forbade import of foreign garbage on its territory and terminated contracts with the British.


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