Summary of newspapers of the previous day - 24. 1. 2018

Wine growing in Kadaň should be improved by system of so called smart vineyard

The town Kadaň would like to improve efficiency of wine growing by the help of system of so called smart vineyard from this year´s spring. It consists in installation of miniature weather stations which from the measured data will help to determine the most suitable time for application of chemicals or vice versa the highest risk of occurrence of various fungal diseases.

Karlovarské minerální vody will probably introduce returnable PET bottles

Introduction of returnable deposit on PET bottles which would be a part of price similarly as in glass bottles is considered by Karlovarské mineral waters. However, according to a chief of Czech number one on the mineral waters market Allessandro Pasqual, a height of the deposit should be significant in order to pay off.

Report on land market 2017 has been published

This Report on Land Market was elaborated by a company FARMY.CZ s.r.o. – specialists for agricultural real estates and companies in the Czech Republic. The mentioned outputs are of general character and express mainly average monitored values. It is not possible to derive a market price of concrete parcels from the published data.

Court give sugar makers a hope of hundred-million compensation for sugar quotas

For seven years courts have solved a dispute over non-transparent distributed sugar quotas due to which Moravskoslezské cukrovary require the state to pay a compensation of lost profit 365 million crowns. A foregoing verdict that the case is time-barred was cancelled by the Municipal Court in Prague now and it ordered the court of first instance to solve the substance of the dispute.



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