Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 25.1.2018

Veterinarians collected in fines record sum about 30 million last year

Veterinarians collected in fines record 29.5 million crowns last year, by one million more than year ago. Representatives of the State Veterinary Administration (SVS) stated it at balance press conference today. They solve bird flu last year which appeared in the CR after ten years, as well as African swine fever which appeared on the Czech territory for the first time.

Brewery Samson produced 88 000 hectolitres, consumption grows most in Czech Republic

The brewery Samson increased revenues year-on-yearly by 6.3 per cents to 89.1 million crowns last year. A production increased from 82 000 hectolitres to 88 000 hectolitres last year. A sale of beer increased above all in the Czech Republic where Samson from České Budějovice recorded a year-on-year increase by 25 per cents. A media representative of Samson Pavel Orálek said it to ČTK today.

We experiment butterfly holocaust. Hope are clearings under high-voltage wiring, entomologist Spitzer says

Places where butterflies prosper disappear from Czech landscape. Agriculturists cut meadows, road workers cut ditches, and weekend cottagers cut grass on their gardens to millimetre height. We interviewed an entomologists Lukáš Spitzer about how butterflies prosper in our country and about the last chance of butterflies in form of clearings under electric high-voltage wiring.

Closed on Sunday? Retailers call for regulation of weekend operation

Czech retailers lose unequal fight with foreign chain stores. However, they believe that a law on ban of sale on Sunday could change the situation. In Europe, such a legislative is not anything new, a ban of Sunday operation is hold in eight EU countries including in Germany and France.







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