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29. 1. 2018 | Agris

People eliminate many foods from diet from no reason

According to a nutrition consultant Monika Tělupilová, people eliminate many foods from a diet for no reason, often influenced by various fads. She said it at today´s press conference on detoxication of organism. However, by elimination of one kind of food a range of those, which are refused by the body, can enlarge on the contrary.

Condition of membership in hunting guard will stay on clean record

The law on game management will not be changed, the Constitutional Court rejected a proposal for cancellation of a passage determining an extent of irreproachability required for membership in hunting guard. The proposal was put forward by the Supreme Administrative Court according to which the condition is set too strictly.

Really Healthy School wants to reduce waste in school canteens

An initiative Really Healthy School wants to engage primary and secondary schools in an action I love food, I don´t waste and they undertook to reduction of amount of waste in school canteens. Therefore it prepared many manuals and educative methodologies how to educate pupils and students about impacts of waste of food and options for resolving of it.

Insect should be taken as farm animal, amendment is being prepared

Maybe in the future it will be allowed to breed insect for human diet in the CR. The State Veterinary Administration (SVS) prepares an amendment of veterinary law which would react to a new European legislative. Representatives of the Administration informed on it.

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