Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 29.1.2018

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines for food import in USA

A supervisory authority of federal government of the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued expected guidelines for food importers and producers on purpose to ensure selected requirements resulting from legislative governing food safety (FSMA – Food Safety Modernization Act) on the 24rh January 2018.

Aggressive large centipedes kill 15-times heavier prey thanks to special poison

A secret of centipede´s poison consist in a substance Ssm Spooky Toxin. It blocks potassium ducts and kill quickly small animals. People usually don´t die of a bite by giant centipede; however, it pains terribly.

In Lesy ČR, season of coniferous trees´ cones collection started

Pickers of cones set of in coniferous forest of the state enterprise Lesy České republiky in recent days. Seeds from cones of spruces, larches, and pines will subsequently end in a seedbank and later new seedlings will be grown from them in forest nurseries. The first months of year are the most suitable for picking of cones. Eva Jouklová, a spokesman of Lesy ČR said it to ČTK.

Breweries in Přerov and Litovel will rise beer prices after two-year pause

Breweries in Litovel and Přerov, which belong in a brewery group PMS Přerov, will increase a price of half-litre of cask beer by 50 hellers owing to growing products costs after roughly two-year pause next week on Monday. Directors of Pivovar Litovel and Pivovar Zubr said it to ČTK.


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