Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 30.1.2018

State forbade use of antiparasitic agents, it wants to support hunt of wild pigs

Veterinarians forbade huntsmen to give drugs to cloven-hoofed game against parasites in the whole CR which is commonly made in this part of year. Drugs in the nature are consumed by wild pigs whose meat cannot be subsequently used for human consumption. In this way the state would like to support hunting of wild pigs owing to reduction of risk of spread of African swine fever.

Does species composition in intervention-free territory of NP Šumava change in favour to beech?

Will the present spruce growths in Šumava stay spruce growths and beech growth the beech growth or should we prepare for a change in species composition of local forests in the future? This question as well as others concerning a dominant coniferous tree and an attractive broad-leaved tree were answered by a research on a territory left to spontaneous development (ÚPSV) in the National Park Šumava (NP Šumava).

Minister of Agriculture Jiří Mílek in Brussels: CAP have to be fundamentally simplified and African swine fever solved at EU level

The Minister of Agriculture Jiří Mílek emphasized a necessity of simplification of CAP and a security of equal conditions for agriculturists of all member states at a Council of Ministers in Brussels. He also appeal a need to join powers, mainly in a research, in fight with African swine fever in the framework of European Union.

Winner of Prague INSPIRE Hackathon 2018 is project “Big Data for Fishery”

On the 23 and 24th January 2018, Prague INSPIRE Hack 2018 took place in space of the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. It was focused on use of open data and open tools in practise and 11 teams from the whole Europe participated in.


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