Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 31.1. 2018

Quotas fell, firms produce in large scale. Sugar is cheapest in eight years

After almost fifty years quotas limiting sugar production fell in October last year. The ordered regulation from 1968 should prevent endangering of trade of less developed countries by advanced Europe. There is a surplus of sugar now and few consumers, despite this sugar refineries increase production.

Agricultural system is unhealthy, chamber evaluates last year´s production

A decrease of animal production and only a slight increase in prices is not motivational for producers for the future, the Agrarian Chamber of the CR stated in a reaction to today-published results of the last year´s agricultural production. According to them a meat production in slaughter houses decreased by 2.5 per cents to 437 835 tonnes in the Czech Republic last year.

Breeders of farm animals can get subsidy for protection against big beasts of prey and hawks

The European Commission approved a support SA.49439 (2017/N) focused on a prevention of damages caused by selected especially protected animal species on the 23rd January. This measure is a part of the Operational programme Environment in a gestion of the Ministry of Environment.

Lesy ČR: enterprise sells useless real estate and cars, buys-out forests

Motor vehicles and trailers, machines, information and communication technologies, and houses, flats and non-residential premises, operational buildings, land and water works which the state enterprise Lesy ČR doesn´t use and doesn´t want to invest in them are for sale. Vice versa, the plant purchase forests from all owners.


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