Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 1.2.2018

Double quality of foods? Brussels promises high fines

Customers complain about double quality of food in various EU countries already for long time. Mainly in Central- and East-European countries, producers sell different foods under the same package. However, it should end, according to the European Commission. Brussels threatens producers with high fines.

Renewal of payment of shooter´s and finder´s fee in connection with African swine fever and monitoring of Aujezsky disease

The State Veterinary Administration (SVA) renewed payment of shooter´s and finder´s fee in connection with an active and passive monitoring of African swine fever (ASF) and a monitoring of Aujezsky disease (AD) on the 30th January 2018. SVA searched intensively financial means for the payment of shooter´s and founder´s from the 12ve January 2018 when the payment was stopped owing to missing financial means.

Food Bank in Zlín region obtain more foods year-on-yearly

Amount of foods which the Food Bank in Zlín region gets grows year by year. The bank is in the region for two years, the storage has in Otrokovice in Zlín region. It obtain 84 tonnes of foods last year, in the first year of operation it was over 27 tonnes. Marcela Grygerová an employee of the Bank said it to ČTK today.

Chains tests with which to replace plastic bags for baking goods and fruit. Ban didn´t touch them

Trade chains tested with whichit would be possible to replace plastic bags used in purchase of baked goods or vegetable. For example in Italy chains had to replace these unecological bags with biodegradable bags from the beginning. However, they are not for free. From an inquiry of ČT also resulted that a part of traders also try to reduce a share of plastics in package of products of own marks.




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