Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 6.2.2018

Production of pig meat production slightly increased in Zlín region last year

A production of pig meat slightly grew in Zlín region in the first three quarters of the last year. While in 2016, 4966 tonnes of meat were produced in the same period, last year it was 5049 tonnes. The increase in production amounted to 1.7 per cents. It results from data of Zlín branch of the Czech Statistical Office (CzSO).

Ukrainians can drive bus, but not tractor. Agricultural Union point out problem of drive licences in EU

A driving licence of group T (tractor) is contrary to other driving groups valid only in the country where it was issued. As the Agricultural Union of the CR found out, a legal regulation on driving licence for tractor is fully in competence of every member state, it means different everywhere.

Newly reconstructed Rivovarská restaurace in Svijany attracts for Czech cuisine and twelve various Svijany beers

After a month reconstruction, a popular Pivovarská restaurace in Svijany opens again this week. The restaurant in tight closeness of Svijany brewery has operated since 2002 not only for employees and guests of the brewery and customers of next-door brewery shop, but also for visitors of a park and expositions of the Castle Svijany.

Company ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. has new strong brother in Estonia

A company ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. appointed a new distributor for Estonian market. The distribution of ZETOR products in Estonia will be newly produced by a company Specagra which secures a distribution of tractors of the mark ZETOR in Lithuania now.


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