Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 22.2.2018

Filets from Alaska Pollock contained instead 65 pct of meat only 25 pct

The amount of meat in frozen fillets from Alaska Pollock imported in Czech shops from China vy a firm Misiek from Vysoká in Bruntál region was instead of 65 per cents of meat only 25 per cents. The rest was water and salt as a stabilizer.

Thirty Czech pellet producers report record. 365 thousand tonnes of wooden pellets were produced in CR last year

A year-on-year growth of production of wooden pellets has reached double-figure numbers already for the fifth year. In 2017, thirty Czech pellet processors produced by 11 % more ecological fuel than in the foregoing year. Moreover, 96 % of the last year´s pellets had an international certification of the highest quality ENplus A1.

Revenues and profit of Kaufland in Czech Republic decreased last year

Revenues of the biggest Czech trade chains Kaufland decreased in a financial year 2016/2017 which lasted from the beginning of March 2016 to the end of February 2017, by two per cents to 57 milliard crowns. A profit of the company before taxation decreased by five per cents to 1.97 milliard crowns. It results from the company´s annual report.

Brewery Regent increased production, novelty are cans

A brewery Regent from Třeboň produced over 77. 500 hectolitres, year-on-yearly almost by 1000 hectolitres higher. The production has grown for the last five years. The brewery with 45 employees started to sell also can beer last year. Regent will invest ten million crowns in bottling and barreling rooms.









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