Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 26. 2. 2018

Thanks to milder winter, fishermen from Třeboň hauled first ponds

Thanks to milder winter, fishermen from Třeboň hauled first ponds. They want to start spring hauls in a half of March. Josef Malecha, a chairman of directorship of Rybářství Třeboň, said it to ČTK.

Food inspections found out other Polish apples with pesticides

The State Agricultural and Food Inspection (SZPI) found out already not the first case of sold apples with excessive content of pesticides in the Czech Republic during the last months.

Number of incoming agricultural missions grew to 25 last year

A number of agricultural, so called incoming missions when foreign state delegations and businessmen with a support of Czech state visit Czech enterprises and exhibitions increased to 25 last year from five the year ago. A press department of the Ministry of Agriculture communicated it to ČTK. According to it the state will try to maintain a similar number of events this year.

Developer was fined with 300 thousand crowns for destruction of protected plants and damage of nature in National Park Krkonoše

Inspectors of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate (CEI) in Hradec Králové imposed a fine 300 thousand crowns to developer company CONMACO MÍSEČKY s.r.o. for destruction of a part of nature including plants of extremely protected Willow Gentian in Horní Mísečky in the National Park Krkonoše.


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