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28. 2. 2018 | Agris

ASZ ČR: Setting of ceilings is not measure against large agriculturists, but support of country

From frequent expressions of representatives of large agricultural businesses and our ministers of agriculture to the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 2020 it could seem that only and just possible (non)setting of ceilings (shortening of direct payments to industrial agriculturists) will decide about a future of our agriculture.

Price of eggs grows, people enlarge own raising. It pays off

Hen-houses come back in villages. People enlarge own raising. Farms where laying hens are sold confirm high interest. Within the present high prices of eggs hens can save even thousands crowns yearly. According to statisticians price of eggs considerably increases already for the fourth year.

TEST DNES: Cottage cheese desserts are full of sugar; red colour is not from strawberries

Strawberry cottage cheese sweets could be an ideal snack for children and adults. However, they would not have to be so sweet. The most sugar is in those, which are determined for the smallest children. It is a result of tests prepared by an independent initiative I know what I eat and drink (Vím, co jím a piju) together with an editor´s office of MF DNES.

Pito will use “drunk glasses”. First non-alcoholic beer in Czech Republic announces growing popularity

A brewery Samson brew 7000 hectolitres of Pito last year, it would like to increase its production in order of per cents this year. It taps it in Austrian brewery Egger.





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