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Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 1.3.2018

2. 3. 2018 | Agris

SVS closed meat products manufactory in Liberec owing to mouse dropping

Within a check of meat products manufactory in Liberec, official veterinarians of the State Veterinary Administration found out an occurrence of mouse dropping and general disorder. On base of this finding the inspection forbade the operator to close the production and ordered to carry out deratization and sanitation of all premises.

Czech poultry producers are abominated with Ukrainian competitors

Czech agriculturists beat a retreat owing to Ukrainian giant Avangardco that produces more eggs than the whole Czech Republic yearly. It can entry European market from March.

CzSO: Profit in agriculture decreased to 21.3 milliard last year, subsidies grew

A profit of Czech agriculture decreased year-on-yearly by 5.4 per cents to 21.3 crowns. Despite this fact, it was the third higher since the beginning of the millennium, a vice-chairman of the Czech Statistical Office (CzSO) Marek Rojíček stated at a press conference today. Agriculture showed the highest profit the year before the last one and in 2014.

Americans demand creation of definition of term “meat”

The US Cattlemen´s Association in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture elaborated a several-page material in which they require a legislative anchorage of a definition of term “meat”.

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