Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 2. – 4.3. 2018

Food Inspection detected by half less objectionable wines year-on-yearly

Inspectors of the State Agricultural and Food Inspection (SZPI) evaluated 1524 wine samples in total in 2017. 275 samples, i.e. 18 % of this number, didn´t meet requirements of legal regulations within an evaluation in a place or in a laboratory.

Association of Microbreweries will issue certificates of quality

The Association of Microbreweries will issue certificates that will be granted to brewers for quality. It should enable customers to better orientate which microbrewery brew quality beer.  The issuing of certificates was agreed by a general meeting of the Association in Brno. Jan Šuráň, the president of Association of Microbreweries said it to ČTK.

D. Szórád in Brussels: It is necessary to economically evaluate all-society functions of forest

Measures connected with climatic changes, a call to more utilize wood and biomass as an ecological alternative of fossil mineral resources, economic quantification of function of forest, and other common topics were negotiated by representatives of European state forests in Brussels on the 26th February.

Association of Bakers and Confectioners strives to return prestige to craft

The Association of Bakers and Confectionaries in the CR strive to gradually improve prestige of the bakers´ guild and to increase interest of pupils from primary schools to study it. While there is enough of confectioners boys and girls, currently 3400 apprentices study at vocational secondary schools, only 700 are bakers.


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