Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 6.3.2018

Minister of Agriculture deals with building of dam Vlachovice, wood engraver and African swine fever in region Zlín

The Regional Veterinary Administration (RVA) recorded 29 cases of breach of law on animal protection against torture in Vysočina last year. In three cases, dogs were placed in an alternative care. In other two cases criminal proceedings have been brought.

Agriobiotech will produce substance changing sewage sludge into fertilizers

A firm Agribiotech VEL from České Budějovice thanks to a cooperation with Azerbaijani company Agribiotex will start to produce a preparation which changes sewage sludge into fertilizers this year. The production will require an investment of tens to hundreds of million CZK. The substance could get on the market in the autumn.

Use of oaks for better stability of forests

Oaks hide inside a high potential which can increase a chance for adaptation of forests in changing climatic conditions. Oak growths represent a part and parcel of the original wood composition of forests in the Czech Republic and are naturally adapted to hot and dry conditions of lower vegetation zone.

Semerád: Conditions for breeding of beasts of prey should be stricter

Conditions for breeding of animals demanding a special care, for example beast of prey, should be stricter in the future. For the present, a recommendation of the Central Commission for Animal Welfare are hold, however, they are not binding. Conditions like a size of area of the breeding “at home” and preventive measures against escape of the animals should be clearly set.




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