Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 20.10. 2016

Czech and Slovakian minister of agriculture visited ZETOR Tractors a.s.

A company ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. welcomed Czech and Slovenian ministers of agriculture in its seat. Marian Jurečka and Dejan Židan visited the tractor producer in Brno within its several-day business trip over the Czech Republic.

Cukrovar České Meziříčí will process more beet, record sugar content

Sugar refinery in České Meziříčí in Rychnov region, the only sugar refinery in the ease of Bohemia and the second biggest in the republic, expects an increase in volume of processed beet by about seven per cents to approximately 800 000 tonnes this year. Areas under sugar beet has increased and after last year´s weaker dray year a bigger yield is expected.

Czech scientist invented “superwood”. It would be possible to produce bio-fuels and vanillin from it in cheaper way

Czech scientists to figure out how to increase an energy value of wood. They patented a method which manages to increase a lignin production in wood. From lignin many products like biofuels, admixtures in building materials, but also rare chemicals, for example vanillin used in food industry, are made.

Senate passed amendment on atmosphere protection today

An aim of amendment is strengthening of protection of atmosphere and thereby also human health against pollutions. Besides direct checks of boilers in households it introduces stricter immission limit for fine dust particulates with diameter up to two and half micrometre (PM 2.5).




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